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Responsive designs are incredible-- they look awesome on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Dinner parties, birthday soirees, charity fundraisers, the possibilities are endless. Let's see the guest list already!

Idea Mapping

Need an objective person to talk through your idea with? Together we can sketch out your concept then tackle it from every angle.

Digital & Print Materials

Business cards, loyalty cards, brochures, calendars, coffee table books, flyers, letterhead, menus, newsletters, and tickets.

I create a dynamic DIGITAL spaces and powerful PRINT materials for professionals!

Hi, I’m Bakari - a designer, front-end web developer, and consultant based in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 2014 I designed a website for a loved one, but didn’t have the coding skills to build it myself. So, I collaborated with another web developer. Since then, I’ve taken classes, studied, and taught myself quite a bit about front-end web development, design principles, as well as user experience. Over the past few years I’ve designed and developed websites, landing pages, business cards, brochures, letterhead, proposals, and prezi/powerpoint presentations.

Many of my clients identify as working professionals seeking to communicate their expertise online via a website/blog or physically via business cards/brochures. I find that my business background becomes a valuable asset to them as we co-create aesthitically pleasing and user friendly materials. I understand the importance of having a website that adds value to your business and can deliver affordable and professional services. Together we’ll learn what matters most to your audience and create assets that drive more impactful engagement with them.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies from Temple University, a Master of Business Administration degree from Loyola University Maryland, and a web development certificate from Code for Progress.

My self care time usually includes vegetarian cooking, baking, reading about the Black experience and spiritual traditions, making collages, studying and practicing Kemetic yoga, and watching Shark Tank.

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